I cant insert my inputs data to database, probably error is in my query because everything else is working corectly

This is my code - https://imgur.com/a/mptk0Ud

 <form method="get">
        <span>Id: </span><input type="text" name="id_uczen"><br>
        <span>Imie: </span><input type="text" name="imie"><br>
        <span>Nazwisko: </span><input type="text" name="nazwisko"><br>
        <span>Srednia ocen: </span><input type="text" name="srednia"><br>
        <span>Id klasy: </span><input type="text" name="id"><br>
        <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Wpisz!">



        $id_uczen = $_GET['id_uczen'];
        $imie = $_GET['imie'];
        $nazwisko = $_GET['nazwisko'];
        $classId = $_GET['id'];
        $srednia = $_GET['srednia'];

        echo $id_uczen." ".$imie." ".$nazwisko." ".$srednia." ".$classId." ";

        $pol = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', '', 'szkola');

        $zapytanie = 'INSERT INTO uczen (id, Nazwisko, Imie, Srednia_ocen, id_klasy) VALUES ('.$id_uczen.', '.$nazwisko.', '.$imie.', '.$srednia.', '.$classId.');';

        mysqli_query($pol, $zapytanie);



I want insert data into database

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  • You need to quote your values in your query. However, since you're using mysqli, take advantage of prepared statements and bind_param. This will take care of any pesky quoting issues that may occur. – aynber Jan 11 at 16:55

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