iam using this code to show me the documents in a default Folder path.

$307 = $_GET['307'];
$2949 = $_GET['2949'];

$folder = '//Server/folder/307_XY28/2949_XY_128';

$alldata = scandir($folder); 

foreach ($alldata as $data) {
    $datainfo = pathinfo($folder."/".$data); 
    $size = ceil(filesize($location."/".$data)/1024); 
    //1024 = kb | 1048576 = MB | 1073741824 = GB
    if ($data != "." && $data != ".."  && $data != "_notes") { 
    <li><a href="<?php echo $datainfo['dirname']."/".$datainfo['basename'];?>"><?php echo $datainfo['filename']; ?></a> (<?php echo $datainfo['extension']; ?> | <?php echo $size ; ?>kb)</li>

Under the Path: //Server/folder/ are much more folders with other numbers and content.

What i want is that I can check the global folder: //Server/folder/ with the received number from the previous page eg.307 in the foldername (eg.307_XY28) if it was found than check the subfolder with the next number eg. 2949. If the folder eg.2949_XY_128' exist show me the documents inside how I have it now.

Thank you for the help

  • You need to start by writing valid code that doesn't have parse and syntax errors on the first line. Then if you have a problem with that code we can help you from there after you describe what the problem is. As it stands this question is simply a request for free code. – Sammitch Jan 11 at 18:54

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