I want to use ffmpeg to trim some mp3s without re-encoding. The command I used was
ffmpeg -i "inputfile.mp3" -t 00:00:12.414 -c copy out.mp3
However, out.mp3 has a length of 12.460s, and when I load the file in Audacity I can see that it was cut at the wrong spot, and not at 12.414s.

Why is this? I googled a bit and tried some other commands like ffmpeg -i "inputfile.mp3" -ss 0 -to 00:00:12.414 -c copy out.mp3 (which interestingly results in a different length of 12.434s) but could never get the milliseconds to be cut right.

enter image description here

enter image description here

PS. I wasn't sure whether SO was the right place to ask since it isn't technically programming related, however most of the stuff I found on ffmpeg for trimming audio files were stackoverflow questions, e. g. ffmpeg trimming videos with millisecond precision


You can't trim MP3 (nor most lossy codec output) with that level of precision. An MP3 frame or so of padding is added during encoding. (See also: https://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Gapless, and all the hacks required to make this work.)

If you need precision timing, use something uncompressed like PCM in WAV, or a lossless compression like FLAC.

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