I have been trying for a while to extract the insertion date of a mongodb document and add it as a new field to the same document.

I'm trying to do it using the mongo and mongo shell aggregation framework without getting good results.

Here is my query

         $match: {
         $addFields: { "insertTime": "$_id.getTimestamp()" } 

I am trying to extracr insertion time from _id using the function getTimestamp() but for sure there is somtehing about aggregation framework syntax that I am missing because I can not do what I am trying to do in my query.

This works perfect:



But this does not work at all:


What I am missing?

Thanks in advance

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    Use {$addFields: { "insertTime": {"$toDate":"$_id" }}} from 4.0 version – Veeram Jan 11 at 22:13
  • Your examples that work are using JavaScript functions in the mongo shell (client-side evaluation). The aggregation framework runs on the MongoDB server and does not support JavaScript. You need to use aggregation expressions available in your version of MongoDB server, which would be $toDate in MongoDB 4.0 as already mentioned. For earlier server versions you would have to fetch the document and add the field in your client code. – Stennie Jan 12 at 2:21
  • Thanks a lot for the answer! I will try updating my MongoDB server and use the operator $toDate. – Hal 6 hours ago

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