• I have a workbook full of template sheets called "TemplateWB."
  • I have a second workbook, we'll call it "UPB"
  • UPB contains a named range from B16 to B48 (Trades) and each cell in this range has the same dropdown menu populated in it.

  • Dropdown lists are in place in B16:B48

  • I know I need a for loop to loop through B16:B48
  • I am assuming I need a for loop to loop through all the worksheets in "TemplateWB"
  • I am struggling to get the template worksheets within "TemplateWB" properly defined in order to complete a loop on this dynamic range

Sub TabImport() Dim CalcMode As Long With Application .DisplayAlerts = False .DisplayStatusBar = False CalcMode = .Calculation .Calculation = xlCalculationManual End With

Dim UPB As Workbook 'UPB = Ultimate Pricing Book
Dim TemplateWB As Workbook 'Workbook containing all template sheets
Dim temp As Range, TP As Range 'individual template worksheets in TemplateWB
Dim Summary As Worksheet 'Worksheet containing a range with dropdown lists
Dim Recap As Worksheet 'worksheet in UPB for new templates to be placed after
Dim TemplateName As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim lr As Long
Dim tempname As String 'name of individual template worksheets in TemplateWB
Dim Trades As Range, TCell As Range 'range on UPB containing drop down lists
Set temp = Workbook("TemplateWB").Sheets
Set tempname = Workbook("TemplateWB").Sheets

For Each TCell In Trades 'loop through B16 to B48
    If InStr(1, TCell.Name, TemplateName) > 0 Then
        Workbooks.Open FileName:="E:\Templates\Pricing\Ultimate Pricing Workbook Development (UPWD)\TemplateWB.xltm"
            For Each TP In temp 'loop through each template sheet in TemplateWB
                If tempname = TemplateName Then
                temp.Copy after:=Workbooks("UPB").Worksheets("Recap")
                End If
                Next temp
            TemplateWB.Close SaveChanges:=False
    End If
Next TCell

With Application
    .DisplayAlerts = True
    .DisplayStatusBar = True
    .Calculation = CalcMode
End With

End Sub

  • I am trying to use the dropdowns to copy specific template worksheets from the "TemplateWB" workbook that match the dropdown selection. That is to say if "A" is selected from the dropdown, there is a "template A" worksheet in "TemplateWB" that aligns with this selection. Which will then be populated in the "UPB" workbook.
  • Repeats are not allowed
  • Additionally I want them to populate as the user makes their selection in each cell **The "Trades" range should be considered dynamic **The number of template sheets in "TemplateWB" should also be considered dynamic **TemplateWB will be in a protected directory when all is said and done

What I get with my current code is a Compile Error

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