When I change either Linker, Input, Additional Dependencies, or VC++ Directories, the compiler behaves as though the changes did not happen.

That is, I can take all the additional dependencies out (though they are absolutely needed), and the project will still compile and link; or, if I don't initially put in the correct VC++ directories, adding those directories does not enable VS to find the files it needs. (If I right-click a #include , with its red squiggly lines showing there's a problem, it will say, SDL.h not found in... and list a slew of directories, none of which are the one I added.) This matters as I'm trying to determine which library is causing a conflict.

The IDE shows the changes I make when I reload Project Properties; it just won't act on them. It does notice if I change the Windows SDK Version.

This is only happening on one of my computers. I had recently installed Visual Studio 2019 Preview on it. Although I was running 2017, I still tried uninstalling 2019 Preview; no effect.

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