Im a trying to get data from a second table using the result from the first query.

  knex.from('empresas').select("id", "rut","empresa","razon_social","email")
  .then((rows) => {
   for (row of rows) {

    knex.from('sucursales').sum('dotacion').where('id_empresas', '=', row['id']).then()

    r  += `${row['id']}`+","+`${row['rut']}`+","+`${row['empresa']}`+","+`${row['razon_social']}`+","+`${row['email']}`;
    r  +="#";


  res.send(JSON.stringify({q0 : r}));

so far i understand that knex writes the result in an array and you should not asign it to a variable name because of Promise.

How should be the second then() statement so i get the sum('dotacion')

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