I have a website name sample.inside.com I have to change the site name . If I ping the site name it pings and it gives an IP.

if RDP to that machine and try to find the site name It is no where to be found

I tried pinging from that machine. It pings it gives that machines up address.

I used power shell to find the site Get-childitem iis:\Sites

It is not there. There is no customize ruling Software installed in that machine

How do I change

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  • A web app can be self hosted, as Windows HTTP API allows that. It is very difficult to analyze without actually logging onto that machine. You might check reserved URLs, docs.jexusmanager.com/tutorials/https-binding.html and also boot this machine into safe mode to get rid of any suspicious Windows services. And then you might find out where the site comes from. – Lex Li Jan 12 at 4:47

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