I would like to create a new sheet from Google Form data which only imports cell data that matches specific criteria. Respondents have five response options for a number of questions (all questions have the same five options). I want the new sheet to only show the data in the cells that fit my criteria and the cells that don't, should be blank. I would like all rows and column formatting to remain the same.

I've got the import range part down, but I don't know should I use query, filter, if, or some other function?

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Beside the number format, any formula keeps the format of the source range, so if your the format includes fonts styles, bold, italics, colors, etc., instead of a formula you should use a script.


Within the same spreadsheet, QUERY works well. You could also use QUERY(IMPORTRANGE( or just IMPORTRANGE if you want it to go to a different spreadsheet.

As Rubén said, if you want to maintain all the formatting, without manually doing it yourself on the destination sheet, you'll need to use script.

Query Reference


See Sheet3 HERE. Make a copy to edit.

Any cell with a blue background has a formula. The main one is below.

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF('Form Responses 1'!D3:DD="","",SWITCH('Form Responses 1'!D3:DD,$D$1,"",$E$1,"",'Form Responses 1'!D3:DD)))

You will not be able to edit those columns. If you need to edit (like the "Comments/Adaptations" columns, you could modify the formula above and apply it column by column.

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  • Thank you for the response. I'll share an example sheet so we're on the same page as my description may not have been clear. I still can't figure this out :) docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… I want Sheet 2 to look exactly like the Form Response sheet with all the "Frequently = 60-79%" and "Almost Always = 80-100%" values removes, leaving only "About 1/2 the time = 40-59%," "Hardly Ever = 20-39%" and "Rarely/Never = 0-19%." – Jeremy Miller 7 hours ago
  • Gotcha. See my edited response above. – N.O.Davis 3 hours ago

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