I have a form that gets information from the database, and I want to hide one input if this is not empty.

<label for="email">Email *</label>
<input onBlur="verifyEmail()" id='email' type="email" name="email" autocomplete="email" required value=<%= user.email %> >

the value the input it's getting is user.email, I want to make it as if it grabs information then hide it.

I already tried

if(input#email != ''){
    $('#email input').attr('style', 'display:none');
if('input#email' != null){
    $('#email input').attr('style', 'display:none');

But none of this seems to be working.

  • instead of checking for if(input#email != ''){, you would need to get the value of the input field like $('#email').val() !=''. Then to hide, jquery has build in function .hide(); – Caner Akdeniz Jan 11 at 20:54
  • @CanerAkdeniz thank you so much! – Melissa Cantu Jan 11 at 21:14

Change your selector with an id or a class so it will be easy for you to select and


if($(".email").val() !== "") 

 /* do something */


if(document.querySelector(".email").value !== "")

  /* do something */
  • Thank you so much, this worked! :) – Melissa Cantu Jan 11 at 21:14

You should try with this:




You should insert after # tag the id of input type and you get the value (or the text) of the label

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