I'm opening a local json via HTTP. urllib.request.urlopen takes one second to read in the url. Accessing the content afterwards is fast as expected. Obviously reading a local file like that shouldn't take more than a few ms, so what's happening here? I noticed it always barely takes more than one second, so it seems like there is some artifical delay of one second build in? Unfortunately the json I'm trying to access is an undocumented API, so it's hard to investigate on that side.

t = time.time()
url = urllib.request.urlopen("http://localhost:8111/state")


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    If there is, then it's on the server side, not your client side. The code is running on localhost, can't you inspect what it is doing? You might even watch CPU load as it serves the request. Literally any number of calculations might be going on to generate the response – roganjosh Jan 11 at 20:27

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