I have a custom WPF control based on a DataGrid. The issue is that when I select a row and hold the up arrow to scroll, it works as expected for about 5 rows, then hangs for a second, jumps to the first visible row and sticks there, refusing to scroll any farther up, even if there are more rows to be displayed above. I can then hit the arrow key repeatedly to scroll up one row for each press, but holding it always freezes when it gets to the top of the currently displayed rows.

A few notes:

1) UseRowVirtualization is set to true, and VirtualizationMode is set to Recycling

2) The problem only seems to manifest when a large number of rows are displayed. If less than 18 or so rows are visible, holding the up/down arrows to scroll works smoothly, as expected. As the number of visible rows increases, the scrolling slows until it eventually exhibits the freezing issue when ~28 rows are visible.

3) I currently have the styling for DataGridCell defined such that Focusable and IsTabStop are both set to False. If I make both of these True, scrolling by holding the arrow keys is quick and smooth, as expected. I don't want individual cells to be focusable though. I'm debugging this as part of a UI redesign for my company's product, and the DataGridRow being the smallest focusable unit of the DataGrid is established behavior at this point.

4) There are a few places in the application where we use a vanilla DataGrid instead of the custom control build on top of DataGrid. In these places, scrolling works fine, and the freezing issue does not exhibit, which makes me believe the issue is somewhere in the xaml.cs file associated with the custom control.

5) The custom control has handlers for the DataGridRow.KeyDown and DataGridRow.GotKeyboardFocus events. When I hit the up arrow once, I get a KeyDown event, followed by a GotKeyboardFocus event. Once the focused row reaches the top of the grid and freezes, I only get the KeyDown event. Wondering if something could be preventing the virtualization from working properly somehow so that there is no next row to give focus to once I reach the top of the grid.

UPDATE: Managed to work around it by handling selection and focus in a PreviewKeyDown handler on DataGridRow, which seems to be faster than letting WPF determine focus for some reason. Solution is passable for now, but would still like to hear if anyone knows why scrolling with the arrow keys is so slow in the case described above.

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