Looking around it is currently unclear to me whether or not LinkedIn allows 100% usage of all their API's. I see many sources from as long ago as 2017 saying "not unless you're a partner" and sources from 2018 saying "they brought the feature back" but I can't seem to find it or rather: they have 2-4 websites with their application creation and/or documentation and there is not a clear answer anywhere as to which one is the place with the current up-to-date documentations and application creation/approval.

Has anyone in the past year developed with LinkedIn's API's and could they point me in the right direction?

Can I develop on a POC, e.g. something like http://localhost[insertport] or do I have to use a live website? (which would be dumb, but whatever)


Check this : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/consumer/integrations/self-serve/sign-in-with-linkedin?context=linkedin/consumer/context

Every thing is written there if you need any other help then let me know but before asking any question read this link document carefully

Yes, you can use localhost for development

  • Thanks for the link, I'm at the point now where I understand what needs to be done. The only thing I hope you could help me with more is when you said "Yes, you can use localhost for development," I'm having trouble with this because when I try to create an application and put in something like this http://localhost:3000 the application creator lets me know it's not a valid URL to create an application with. What do I do to make a test server here? – Raults yesterday

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