I'm setting up a server for loading balancer between servers (Transcoders).
I have many transcoding servers and i want balance between those servres by php algorithm to selecte witch server respond to the request. the request is RTMP.
client request : rtmp://balancer_ip:1935/live/21?username=jhony&password=hahaha
Balancer workflow : find the best transcoder and the client credentials have acces on this transcoding server, and redirect or proxy_pass the client to this transcoding server.

In the transcoding servers i installed and configured nginx with RTMP module, she work fine with rtmp authentification by a php algorithm. In the balancer server in the first i tryed to redirect clients with on_play parameter in rtmp module like the rtmp authentification but I did not succeed.
So i mak'it others researchs and i found nginx TCP and UDP Load Balancing with this module i can redirect or proxy_pass the clients requests to transcoding servers but the problem in many times the balancer proxy_pass the client to wrong transcoding servers ( the client haven't a access to this transcoding server or the rtmp flux is down ).

#in balancer nginx.conf
stream {
    #listen on rtmp port
    server {
        listen     1935;
        proxy_pass rtmp_servers;
    upstream rtmp_servers {
        server transcoder_1_ip:1935;
        server transcoder_2_ip:1935;
        #check interval=10 passes=2 fails=3 port=1935;
#in transcoder nginx.conf
rtmp {
    server {
        listen 1935;
        application live {
            live on;
            notify_method get;
            record off;
// php function for rtmp stream authentication in transcoder
$app->get('/rtmp-auth', function (Request $request) use ($app) {
    $response = new Response();
    // check with database if user name and posword is ok
    /* i tryed in balancer with this code and send a redirection
       in the return but she dont work :(*/
    return $response;

So there is any way to redirect or balance between servers by a custom algorithm ?
Or in every client request check the response of transcoding server before redirect clients ?
Note: i have tronscoding servers work with some critiria like clients countries ... so i need to create algorithem to redirect clients requests.

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