I have a project that I open a website and interact with it using the RDCOMClient library and the Internet Explorer.

One of the interactions with the website is a click on a button that opens a new Internet Explorer window that contains the information I need.

Normally in VBA I would use the ShellWindows object to access this newly created window. I tried doing this in R but it seems that I cannot access the Items inside the ShellWindows created by the COMCreate.

A simplified version of the code:


shell <- COMCreate('Shell.Application')
shell.windows <- shell$Windows()

# Count the number of items

# Access element 0 (the default behaviour of the Item is to return the object at position 0)
shell.windows$Item()$FullName() # This code works!

# Loop to get all items
items <- list()
for(i in 1:shell.windows$Count()) {
  items[[i]] <- shell.windows$Item(i - 1) # This way to get the item does not work!

Is there a way to get the items? Is this a bug from the library?

Are there other ways to get the internet explorer instances?


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