I'm trying to scrape & download csv files from a webpage with tons of csv's.


# Libraries

url <- "http://data.gdeltproject.org/events/index.html"

# The csv's I want are from 14 through 378 (2018 year)
selector_nodes <- seq(from = 14, to = 378, by = 1)

# HTML read / rvest action
link <- url %>% 
  read_html() %>% 
  html_nodes(paste0("body > ul > li:nth-child(", (gdelt_nodes), ")> a")) %>% 

I get this error:

 Error in xpath_search(x$node, x$doc, xpath = xpath, nsMap = ns, num_results = Inf) : 
   Expecting a single string value: [type=character; extent=365].

How do I tell it I want the nodes 14 to 378 correctly?

After I can get that assigned, I'm going to run a quick for loop and download all of the 2018 csv's.


When scrapping the web, first verify you are not violating the terms of service and then procedure one step at time. Since you are using someone else's resources do not over tax their systems.
See the comments in the code for the step by step solution.


url <- "http://data.gdeltproject.org/events/index.html"

# Read the page in once then attempt to process it.
page <- url %>% read_html() 

#extract the file list
filelist<-page %>% html_nodes("ul li a") %>% html_attr("href")

#filter for files from 2018
filelist<-filelist[grep("2018", filelist)]

#pause between file downloads and then download a file
download.file(paste0("http://data.gdeltproject.org/events/", filelist[1]), filelist[1])

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