Right off the bat, I don't even know if any of you deal with this kinda stuff a lot. I'm just out on the internet looking for help since other developers and my webhosters can't help me. So here we go.

So I'm coding a server for a game called Garry's Mod. Essentially, "addons" or mods are what make a server unique and fun. I am using a mod that allows other players to spend in-game cash to purchase a crate and a key for said crate. But enable for these crates, keys and crate contents to exist, they have to he created. So the server developer, myself, picks out weapons that are compatible with the Unboxing addon. Here's the thing, tho: the save data (weapons, crates, keys, and individual player inventories) are saved in a file called "sv.db". They are tables named "bu3_items", "bu3_inventories" and "bu3_market". I can find then just fine using an SQL Browser on this said sv.db file. My main issue is this: this addon save-data is capable of being linked to an SQL Database, which I enabled- both knowing what it was actually doing at the time (meaning I didn't realize that the save data was gonna save on the database and not locally. I didn't know it was going to do that). Every time I try to export these tables, they are exported as ".sql" files. I need to them be ".db" files so I can import them to my local "sv.db" file. I've tried using conversion tools but the files become so large with text, it becomes impossible to covert. To you have any ideas on how I can export these files from my SQL database and use them on my local "sv.db" file?

  • There's a lot going on here in terms of verbiage, but not a whole lot in terms of a specific question. Import what into what? I'd suggest using MySQL Workbench to connect to your server as a start to see if it can import those .sql dump files. – tadman Jan 11 at 21:21

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