Im new to react and gitlab pages hosting and im currently hosting my first app on gitlab-pages. Few days ago i added react-router-dom to navigate between specific pages/routes. The routing works fine, but when i try to refresh any page on gitlab expect the "/" home domain, i get a 404 error (e.g. im on the /booked route and press F5 my gitlab gives me the 404 error). Is there anything wrong with my configuration? See it below:

import { Route, BrowserRouter as Router } from "react-router-dom";
const routing = (
 <Router basename={process.env.PUBLIC_URL}>
    <Route exact path="/" component={Home} />

    <Route path="/booking" render={props => <Child {...props} />} />
     path="/booked" render={props => <ChildChild{...props} />}
    <Route path="/bookedd" component={ChildChildChild} />

ReactDOM.render(routing, document.getElementById("root"));   

and here is my gitlab-ci.yml:

  image: node:9.6.1
  stage: test
     - npm install;  npm run test
  image: node:9.6.1
  stage: deploy
    PUBLIC_URL: "/pageName"
    - rm package.json; mv package.json.pages package.json; 
      npm install;npm install react-scripts@1.1.1 -g;npm run build
    - rm -rf public; mv build public
    - public 
    - master 

If there is no real solution for the 404 error, is it possible to redirect any refresh attempt to the "/" home route?

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