My team is building a web application with angular 7 as front end and .net core as back-end. We are using the print task widget function to generate the image of the map. The problem we are facing is that we have some graphics layers that indicate the position of roadblocks on the map and these roadblocks dont show up on the map when you print it. We have a polygon that the user draws on the map and it shows up , but not the roadblocks.

The code for printing the map can be found in this post of mine. Esri proxy for Angular 7 project to screenshot

following is a code snippet of how i am setting the roadblock symbol

 // symbols
        this.roadblockPointSymbol = { // symbol used for points
          type: 'picture-marker',  // autocasts as new PictureMarkerSymbol()
          url: 'assets/img/button-roadblock.png',
          width: '20px',
          height: '20px'

this is the screenshot of the map. The red symbols depicts the roadblocks. enter image description here

however when i print the map,this is the result i get enter image description here

Has anyone encountered this issue?

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