I am using botium-cli 0.0.40 and I have the following convo file (AGE.convo.txt):

what is your age?


There is also a utterance file (AGEA_UTT.utterances.txt):

['I am $months months old.']
['I am $years years old.']
['I am 5 years old.']

For an answer: ['I am 5 years old.'] it passes. But for ['I am 6 years old.'] it fails:

TranscriptError: Error: convos/AGE.convo.txt: Expected bot response (on Line 4: #me - what is your age? ) "['I am 6 years old.']" to match one of "['I am $months months old.'],['I am $years years old.'],['I am 5 years old.']"

Is it a bug? Do I have to change any Botium settings? The wiki doesn't mention any need for that: https://github.com/codeforequity-at/botium-core/wiki/Botium-Scripting#scripting-memory

Thanks in advance.


You have to set the SCRIPTING_ENABLE_MEMORY capability to true to enable the memory.

Attention: the build you mentioned doesn't yet allow scripting memory expressions in utterances! This is part of the next build scheduled for upcoming Monday!

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    latest build of botium-cli (0.0.41) is running. it includes botium-core 1.4.3 which supports scripting expressions in utterances lists. Wiki updated as well :-) – Florian Treml Jan 14 at 10:19
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    The brackets in your utterances ([', ']) are making the regular expression checker, which Botium uses for scripting expressions, fail - they have special meaning in regular expressions. Is there a special reason for those brackets there ? – Florian Treml Jan 15 at 9:06
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    I think you can just remove the brackets from the utterances file. Still don't get it why your bot returns something in brackets ... – Florian Treml Jan 15 at 23:09
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    ok, I understand. But if you just remove the brackets in the utterances file, it will work for now. I added an item to our project backlog to deal with brackets in a more stable way. – Florian Treml Jan 17 at 8:17
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    Absolutely. That's why I classified it as bug and added it to our backlog. The SCRIPTING_ENABLE_MEMORY will be very likely changed soon to be enabled by default, currently it is somehow experimental. – Florian Treml 2 days ago

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