I am trying my hands on Node js application and creating a rest api. I have a pre build react application which was written earlier and from which I need to extract some code in order to write the some api which will be used by the same react app.

However I am facing one challenge, I see that when my react application load it makes some service calls to some external server to get the data. But I see that when I check the network tab, I see the url called is something like http://localhost:8080/api/getdata/users/v1/user1.

Though this data does not come from any localhost, it actually comes from external webserver. I see that there are bunch of configurations written in the webpack config to start the devServer etc. and passing the localhost parameters from .env file.

Now, I need to replicate the same functionality in my api which I am building with node and express.

When I try to hit the server directly with domain name it gives Type Error: absolute path not allowed. I checked further and I feel the react app uses proxy for making the calls.

Also, I checked the http-proxy in node and express but nothing seem to work.

If anyone can point me to right direction, it would be great.

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