I'm using the google maps API service called google.maps.places.AutocompleteService() and the function getQueryPredictions to get a google places list given a text string.

This is my function call:

service = new google.maps.places.AutocompleteService();
service.getQueryPredictions({ input: location_value },      function(result, status){
   // code

This code is working almost perfectly for me, except two very particular cases with the texts "Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York" and "Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York". When I run the query with the first one, it's first returned value is exactly the second one, and viceversa.

Here is an image of the returned results: Console results

So when I search for Upper East side I end up seeing results for Upper West and viceversa.

I believe this must be an error on the API because it makes no sense, but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

If I query by "Upper West Side, Manhattan" on the other hand (removing the "New York" substring) it works fine, and also with the East Side, of if I query for "Upper West Sid, Manhattan, New York" (removing just an E on Side) it also works.

Thanks for any help guys

  • Looks like a bug but if it's a bug in the API what can we do here? Contact Google Support or file a bug in the issue tracker and provide a working fiddle that demonstrates the issue. – MrUpsidown Jan 13 at 10:26

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