My VUE route is removing a hash '#' from the route parameter.

Value that is passed in: /project/test%20#report Parameter value received in Component: 'test '

all characters after the # are removed. *other values/characters are being passed.

Is there a way to get a # passed to the component while the router mode is set to history?

Vue.js route:

Mode has been set to 'history'

  path: '/project/:projectId/',
  name: 'project',
  beforeEnter: requireAuth,
  component: Project,
  props: true

Component prop declaration:

props: ['projectId'],

hash is technically NOT part of the path.

you can get the current's url's hash in any component using this.$route.hash.

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    hey Jacob, thanks for the information but this isn't quite solving the issue. When the router originally sends the user to this component, the # and following text is available. If a user was to refresh the page, the # and value are not available in the $route.hash. I could just JavaScript to grab and parse the full path but that feels wrong. For now, we've decided to disallow # in the projectId field. Not a great solution - but a solution that will stop the error. – Patrick Jan 14 at 15:10

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