I successfully set up a telegram bot. I know that my token is correct since https://api.telegram.org/bot< your-bot-token>/getUpdates gives me the current update. I can also send messages by using

bot$sendMessage(chat_id = my_chat_id, text = "TestReply")

Still, I can not retrieve messages inside R using the command below. When I send a message to the bot, the list (see below) gets longer but still does not show any information. While testing the function bot$get_updates() no webhook is running.

 > print(bot$get_updates())
        callback_query: NULL
        channel_post: NULL
        chosen_inline_result: NULL
        clone: function (deep = FALSE) 
        edited_channel_post: NULL
        edited_message: list
        effective_chat: function () 
        effective_message: function () 
        effective_user: function () 
        from_chat_id: function () 
        from_user_id: function () 
        initialize: function (data) 
        inline_query: NULL
        message: NULL
        pre_checkout_query: NULL
        shipping_query: NULL
        update_id: 344090064
        .effective_chat: NULL
        .effective_message: NULL
        .effective_user: NULL
        .from_chat_id: NULL
        .from_user_id: NULL
  • R-Version: 3.5.2
  • telegram.bot Version: 2.2.0

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