With the recent retirement of the Yahoo Query Language API , it would be nice to replace the server-side component with something of my own. I've searched and I could not find anything but YQL clients out there -- in fact, I had trouble even finding complete documentation about the Yahoo Query Language structure and syntax of what is typically returned.

Does anyone know of a server-side library that can do this (preferably Java, but I'll look at anything), or have some more complete documentation of the API?



Answering my own question. I found some documentation on Yahoo's site. Note that I could not find this linked from the main YQL page (I had to use DuckDuckGo and Google to find it). In fact, there are few pages that I found that are removed; I suspect this documentation will be fully removed sometime soon.

Though if someone has anything more complete or even some code that can act as a replacement for the YQL server, I'll switch your answer to be the correct one. Thanks!

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