I have a question for pytest

I would like to run same pytest script with multiple threads. But,i am not sure how to create and run thread which is passing more than one param. (And running thread with pytest..)

for example I have test_web.py

from selenium import webdriver
import pytest

    self.browser = webdriver.Chrome()

    def test_title(self):
        assert "Project WEB" in self.browser.title

    def test_login(self):
        print('Testing Login')

        ID_BOX =  self.broswer.find_element_by_id("ProjectemployeeId") 
        PW_BOX = self.broswer.find_element_by_id("projectpassword") 
        ID_BOX.send_keys(self.ID) # this place for ID. This param come from thread_run.py
        PW_BOX.send_keys(self.PW) # this place for PW. It is not working. I am not sure how to get this data from threa_run.py

IN thread_run.py

import threading
import time
from test_web import SAMPLETEST

ID_List = ["0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7"]
PW_LIST = ["0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7"]

threads = []
print("1: Create thread")

for I in range(8):
    print("Append thread" + str(I))
    t = threading.Thread(target=SAMPLETEST, args=(ID_List[I], PW_LIST[I]))

for I in range(8):
    print("Start thread:" + str(I))

i was able to run thread to run many SAMPLETEST class without pytest.

However, it is not working with pytest.

My question is.

First, how to initialize self.brower in insde of SAMPLETEST? I am sure below codes will not be working

self.browser = webdriver.Chrome()

Second, in thread_run.py, how can i pass the two arguments(ID and Password) when I run thread to call SAMPLTEST on test_web.py?

ID_BOX.send_keys(self.ID) # this place for ID. This param come from thread_run.py



I was trying to build constructor (init) in SAMPLETEST class but it wasn't working...

I am not really sure how to run threads (which passing arguments or parameter ) with pytest.

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