I have a script that uses a google sheet to create a google form. In some cases, there are questions with checkbox options that are still empty. In other cases, there are questions with two to three non empty checkbox options and one empty checkbox option (options could exceed three in the future).

Before finalising the form and sending it out, I want to automatically identify questions that display empty checkbox options and I want to keep the questions, as well as any non empty checkbox options, whilst deleting the empty checkbox options. I can do this manually in the form, but would prefer to set up a script, with a trigger, to run this automatically.

var form = FormApp.openById('form code');

function myFunction() {

var CheckboxItem = form.getItems(FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX);
while(itemIndex > CheckboxItem.length){

I need to eliminate the empty checkbox options. I tried using the script above but it eliminates all checkbox options.

I need to pinpoint the constraint that only the empty checkbox options need to be eliminated. Does anyone know how to do that?

Edit: It looks like the question with the greatest number of checkbox options, in my case three at the moment, is leading. So based on that, all other questions that have checkbox options end up having three options as well. These show up as blank options. However, I want to show up only the actual number of options that are available. So in some questions that would be three, in others one, in others none. I hope someone has a bright idea on how to do this. My coding is rather amateur still.

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