In the following page, I find a function check_rhat(). However in the R console, there does not exist even if using rstan:::.

So, I made a similar function for diagnosis of rhats in my package, but, if there exist some function to evaluate the rhat I want to use it (if it exists).


enter image description here


That function comes into the R session via source("stan-utility.R") and is defined here. It is not in the rstan package.

  • Thank you, so,..this is not uploaded in the Cran and I cannot use for my package. Thank you !! – Camford Oxbridge Jan 12 at 5:32
  • This function is ,...so simple, even if MCMC chains contains at least one constant chain for some parameter, then the function check_rhat() says that the chain is suspicious. I do not think that the constant MCMC chain does not converge. Or am I wrong ?.... – Camford Oxbridge Jan 12 at 9:14
  • A Markov chain that is constant is not suspicious; it is definitely invalid. – Ben Goodrich Jan 12 at 20:51

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