I've been tying to download react, create-react-app it keeps failing.

ERR! Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near '...,"karma-ie-launcher":'

I think its something to do with babel, since Ive also tried creating a react app without create-react-app. I have also had this problem when trying to install babel-cli too. Is there a way of omitting karma-ie-launcher when I go to install babel-cli in the command line.

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    Could you add what command you're running to download react/create-react-app? What file is this error coming from and what are the contents? – UberMario Jan 12 at 0:27
  • hey, I've been using the command from the React website- npx create-react-app I've no idea what file where would I find that? – Brone Jan 12 at 0:35
  • What version of node are you running? You can find out by running node -v – UberMario Jan 12 at 1:02
  • v10.15.0 I've aslo noticed that karma-ie-launcher dev dependencies are out of date. – Brone Jan 12 at 1:07
  • Which OS are you on? – Atav32 Jan 12 at 1:44

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