I am noticing on my HTML5 web page that my display:inline-block style on some of my img elements are not behaving in the same way when I transfer these inline styles to a separate CSS style sheet.

My HTML page looks the way I want it to look only if I specify style="display:inline-block" inline for my images. If I move the display:inline-block out of the html and into the style sheet where the "previewImg" class is defined, the spacing between the images change.

The following is the CSS class that is defined in a separate style sheet:

    vertical-align: middle;
    border:1px white solid;

The following is the initial HTML that behaves the way I want it to behave (with inline style for display:inline-block):

<div id="previewBanner">
    <img class="previewImg" src="images/gal/002_2004/0001.jpg" style="display:inline-block;"/>
    <img class="previewImg" src="images/gal/002_2004/0002.jpg" style="display:inline-block;"/>
    <img class="previewImg" src="images/gal/002_2004/0003.jpg" style="display:inline-block;"/>
    <img class="previewImg" src="images/gal/002_2004/0004.jpg" style="display:inline-block;"/>
    <img class="previewImg" src="images/gal/002_2004/0005.jpg" style="display:inline-block;"/>

When I remove the style="display:inline-block" from the img elements, I would expect it to behave exactly the same as it did before, since it is included in the style sheet. However, the images seem to be going to new lines when I do this. I want the images to remain side-by-side.

It appears that all of the other styles of the previewImg class are being respected. Any ideas why this style behaves differently inline vs in the separate CSS style sheet?

  • It's probably overriden by some other CSS elsewhere. The style inspector in Devtools (F12 in most browsers) is super useful for finding that. – helb Jan 12 at 2:24
  • @AndreiGheorghiu Just a small correction: [attribute], :pseudo-class, ::pseudo-element have the same specificity than .class, not tag. – KittMedia Jan 12 at 10:23
  • @Kitt, you're correct. I deleted that comment as it was erroneous. class counts as attribute or pseud-class. It's elements and pseudo-elements that are lower in importance. So correct order is style attribute > #id > .class | [attribute] | :pseudo-class > <tag> | ::pseudo-element. Docs here. – Andrei Gheorghiu Jan 12 at 17:43

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