I need to emulate a sql query in c# (preferably via lambda, but linq is ok).

I have attempted this using a variety of different approaches via linq and lambda, however nothing that can provide me with a clean set of results - each time I end up with a nested mess of IEnumerables.

Is there any way to produce this result set as is in a single clean statement?

u.ID as UserID,
u.Name as UserName,
    select ',' + uam2.LinkCode

    from DB2..UserMapping uam2

    where uam2.UserID = u.ID and uam2.SourceName = uam1.SourceName

    for xml path('')), 1, 1, '') as Mappings

from DB1..Users u

left join DB2..UserMapping uam1
on u.id = uam1.UserID

group by u.ID, u.Name, uam1.Source, uam1.Item  

Sql Results

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