The general idea of what's supposed to happen:

  • the user logs in
  • the login info gets passed to an API
  • the user is redirected to a loading page if it's a valid login
  • the server side script in views.py pulls some data from the user's account
  • once that finishes it redirects to the main page which displays infographics based off of that data.

The problem I'm having is that the rendering of the loading.html is skipped after the login function redirects to the loading function, and the loading function redirects to the dashboard which displays the infographics after a long loading time while the script finishes server side.

Currently, the loading function in views.py looks like this:

def loading(request):
    username = request.session['username']
    password = request.session['password']
    API = APILogin(username, password)
    while True:
        #pull data from API functions
        if data_pull_is_finished == True:
            #save data to database server
            return redirect('dashboard')
            #keep pulling data from API
            return render(request, 'loading')

Any advice? I'm really new to Django (a week to be precise) and I've already gone through 2 tutorials and done multiple searches in regards to this, so please don't roast me too much for a newbie question. It's similar to: Django redirect to results page after scrapy finish

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