I'm using some Framework (eg: AEXML) via pod and xcode 9.4.1(swift 4.1.2). the build process is successful

but when I use XCode 10 with swift 4.1.2 toolchain and build my project, there is an error enter image description here

I cleaned, delete Derived Data, ... but still got the same error.

I also try some solutions and it doesn't work

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64

  • It looks like you're trying to run the app on arm64 device, but your app does not include this architecture in the build configuration. Check your Xcode project configuration -> Build Settings -> Valid Architectures. – dive Jan 12 at 12:42
  • @dive in Valid Architectures: arm64, armv7. I build project in xcode 9.4.1, it's work but xcode 10 doesn't – Tan Pham Jan 15 at 2:06

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