Assume that I have 2 models: A and B

A is the main table and B is its sub (one-to-many relationships)

some of the contents in A have more than one subcategories in B and some have no items in B

so, I want to display this contents in my HTML inside a select tag and the objective is when I choose an option from A I want the another select options to display the sub contents of A stored in B

what I know is


and in html page

{for content in contents}
    <option value={{content.id}}>{{content}}</option>

but I don't know how to display the sub contents from B in another option which changes the sub contents according to the first option.

  • You can send an AJAX request when the option for the first list is chosen/changed. Send the selected option with your request and get the related options for it in the second list. Finally, use JavaScript to update the second list. – badiya Jan 12 at 7:25
  • thank you very much actually i am new to web dev. so is there any sites available for reading about django - js- ajax integeration – codingKID Jan 12 at 7:32
  • Hey, I would suggest going through the Django documentation (docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.1). Also, you can search if there is a similar problem already asked on the stackoverflow. Good Luck – badiya Jan 14 at 11:59

From what I understood you want to dynamically filter second select's options based on selected option in first select. There is a nice library called django-smart-selects which uses ChainedForeignKey relation. So for example if you have two models called Country and City and you want in your City select to filter cities based on the chosen Country you can simply do:

from smart_selects.db_fields import ChainedForeignKey

class Country(models.Model):

class City(models.Model):
    country = models.ForeignKey(Country)

class Location(models.Model):
    country = models.ForeignKey(Country)
    city = ChainedForeignKey(

You can install smart selects with pip by typing pip install django-smart-selects.

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