I am a newbie to Visual Studio and its languages...

I have search but couldn't find an answer. Maybe I didn't search with the right syntax.

Here is what I want to do.

<TextBlock x:Name="test">Hello World</TextBlock>

I believe there is a way to target the TEXTBLOCK control with the X:NAME attribute or any other attribute using C# like for example in HTML and JS I can do something like this

<div id="test></div>

Then I can target the Element through its ID in JS like this

div = document.getElementById('test');

I believe I can do similar in C#

Please any idea?



<TextBlock x:Name="TestTextBlock">Hello World</TextBlock>


TestTextBlock.Text = "blerg";

Though on saying this, XAML Likes to be data bound, and the common way of doing this is using MVVM, i would start looking into this personally

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