I want to build a rest wrapper in a spring boot application which accepts any kind of request (API call). Lets assume I have two API calls /employee/123 (GET method) /dept/123 (PUT method). Now When I hit these two requests from postman client, my wrapper should accepts these two types of requests.

I have tried this with Filter and Interceptor. But those didn't work for me. Can any one please explain how to do this.


Not quite clear what's your problem. Is this what you're looking for?

public class SampleController {

    @GetMapping(path = "/employee/{id}")
    public String getEmployee(@PathVariable int id) {

    @PutMapping(path = "/dept/{id}")
    public String putDept(@PathVariable int id) {

Or you want an API proxy? So, perhaps, it makes sense to look at Zuul or any similar project?

  • Thank you Kami. I am looking for a API proxy. As you mentioned, I'll try with zuul. – subrahmanyam katakam Jan 12 at 13:36

if you want to accepts any kind of request like POST,GET,DELETE or PUT the dont mention the method of RequestMethod in @RequestMapping and if you want to do different operation depends on Request method then use HttpServletRequest for getting ReuestMethod eg.

@RequestMapping({ "/employee/{id}", "/dept/{id}" })
    public @ResponseBody String demo(HttpServletRequest request, @PathVariable("id") Integer id) {

        if (request.getMethod().equalsIgnoreCase("POST")) {
            return "POST MEhod";
        } else if (request.getMethod().equalsIgnoreCase("GET")) {
            return "GET Method";
        } else if (request.getMethod().equalsIgnoreCase("PUT")) {
            return "PUT Method";
        } else {
            return "DELETE Method";

  • Thank you. I'm looking same kind of thing. I'll try this. – subrahmanyam katakam Jan 12 at 13:37

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