I'm new to Machine Learning and I'm trying to develop a product recommendation engine after watching Siraj's tutorial in python (https://youtu.be/9gBC9R-msAk)

I noticed that all of the recommendation libraries requires matrix vectorization and their datasets have some sort of ratings which makes it easy to do the matrix vectorization with just user_id, movie_id, ratings

I can't follow these examples as I am using an ecommerce dataset which doesn't have product ratings. The following is how my dataset looks like: enter image description here

I want to recommend a product based on a customer's demographics(education, age, region, household size & income, children).

Should I concat the demographics into one column and use it as the index for my matrix vectorization while keeping the row as prod_id and using the purchase count of each demographic as values? e.g. enter image description here

Is there a better way to prepare my csv file for recommendation libraries such as lightfm? (LightFM's documentation was also not clear about preparing datasets of other nature https://lyst.github.io/lightfm/docs/examples/dataset.html )

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