I have an application that can call my user's webhooks.

My users can add / update / and remove webhooks.

Now, for each webhook, the only required parameter is the url.

I want add the "authentication basic" support. The parameters will be:

  • url
  • authentication basic enabled? (Yes / No)
  • username (required if authentication basic is enabled)
  • password (required if authentication basic is enabled)

Webhooks parameters are stored in MySQL database.

My question is: What is the best practice to save the password? Encrypted? (eg with libsodium) ? In other database ? Other ?


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  • ideally speaking the webhooks should also trust the identity provider of your application , so once a user is logged into your application he should not need to provide any extra set of credentils for the web hooks.. – Soumen Mukherjee Jan 13 at 9:52

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