I found this code on codepen and made some changes in it. I am trying to filter the results after clicking the search button. But the point is that now it's filtering instantly when you type in the search box.

Here is the code:

new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    data: {
        selected: [2],
        search: '',
        items: [{
                action: '15 min',
                headline: 'Brunch this weekend?',
                title: 'Ali Connors',
                subtitle: "I'll be in your neighborhood doing errands this weekend. Do you want to hang out?"
                action: '2 hr',
                headline: 'Summer BBQ',
                title: 'me, Scrott, Jennifer',
                subtitle: "Wish I could come, but I'm out of town this weekend."
                action: '6 hr',
                headline: 'Oui oui',
                title: 'Sandra Adams',
                subtitle: 'Do you have Paris recommendations? Have you ever been?'
                action: '12 hr',
                headline: 'Birthday gift',
                title: 'Trevor Hansen',
                subtitle: 'Have any ideas about what we should get Heidi for her birthday?'
                action: '18hr',
                headline: 'Recipe to try',
                title: 'Britta Holt',
                subtitle: 'We should eat this: Grate, Squash, Corn, and tomatillo Tacos.'
    computed: {
        filteredItems() {
            return _.orderBy(this.items.filter(item => {
              if(!this.search) return this.items;
                return (item.title.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase()) ||
                    item.action.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase())   ||
                    item.headline.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase()) ||
            }), 'headline');
    methods: {
      clearSearch () {
        toggle(index) {
            const i = this.selected.indexOf(index)

            if (i > -1) {
                this.selected.splice(i, 1)
            } else {

I will share complete code in the comment where you can see a complete working example. How can this search filter only after clicking the search button?


The reason it's filtering instantly when you type in the search box is because filteredItems is a computed property which means it's gonna run every time the value of search changes which is every time you type a new character.

To filter the items only after the button is clicked, remove filteredItems from computed and create a filterItems function under your methods and attach that handler to the button's click event.

methods: {
  filterItems() {
    this.filteredItems = _.orderBy(
      this.items.filter(item => {
        if (!this.search) return this.items;
        return (
          item.title.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase()) ||
          item.action.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase()) ||
          item.headline.toLowerCase().includes(this.search.toLowerCase()) ||
<button type="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-danger" @click="filterItems">Search</button>

Notice that I assigned the result of the function to filteredItems which is a new property that you should add to your data object.

The reason is that your filterItems function should not mutate the original items but create a new array when it executes otherwise it would cause a bug if you mutate the original items and try filtering it again.

So in your data object, add filteredItems which will have the initial value equal to the items since it's not filtered yet when your app is mounted.

const items = [];

new Vue({
  data: {
    filteredItems: items,
    items: items

See working implementation.

Note that I also call filterItems() when you clear your search so that it resets the data but you can just remove it from clearSearch() if you don't want that behaviour.

  • Thank you very much for your help. One more question. If there will be pagination or infinite scrolling, then will it filter through the all results or will filter just first page results? – Artyom Jan 12 at 10:48
  • It will only filter the currently stored items, the current page's items. – Ana Liza Pandac Jan 12 at 10:51
  • Is it generally supported to filter through the whole list instead of a first page only by using filters? I am asking it because we have a similar case in Angular and it's interesting if such a filter can support filtering through the whole list instead. – Artyom Jan 12 at 10:52
  • If you use pagination under the current implementation, it will filter the items under the current page only and not the whole list, unless of course, you run an API request that will return the filtered data instead of just looping through your currently stored items. – Ana Liza Pandac Jan 12 at 10:55
  • 1
    Ok. Thanks a lot :) – Artyom Jan 12 at 11:35

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