This is the code which I have written for the angle down arrow key to work , but it is not displaying the list items contained inside it, i.e. Profile and Logout .

               <li className="header-icon">
                    <img className="avatar-img" src="assets/images/avatar/1.jpg" alt="" /> 
                    <span className="user-avatar">Adminsss <i className="ti-angle-down f-s-10"></i></span>
                    <div className="drop-down dropdown-profile">
                        <div className="dropdown-content-body">
                                <li><Link to="/profile"><i className="ti-user"></i> <span>Profile</span></Link></li>
                                    <span  onClick={this.onLogoutClick.bind(this)}>
                                        <i className="ti-power-off"></i> <span>Logout</span>


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