Bookdown allows the customization of chapter names, which is handy when a Hungarian project is built, as Chapter 1 is translated as 1. fejezet (i.e. the renaming of Chapter is not enough).

However, the very same is true for figure (and table) names as well, because Figure 1.1 should be translated as 1.1. ábra, but I don't know how to achieve this (_bookdown.yml doesn't seem to support something like "language/ui/figure_name" just as it does with chapter_name).

There is no problem with the PDF (LaTeX) output, because including \usepackage[magyar]{babel} in the preamble.tex solves this problem, but I don't know what to do with the non-PDF formats, where my only idea was to use the _bookdown.yml.

  • Are your generating LaTeX or non-LaTeX-output? – ekstroem Jan 12 at 16:44
  • @ekstroem Both of them! (I render it to all format, ie. to gitbook, pdf_book and epub_book as well.) – Tamas Ferenci Jan 12 at 20:05
  • @ekstroem I just realized that there is no problem with the LaTeX output, because including \usepackage[magyar]{babel} solves this. I updated the question to reflect this. – Tamas Ferenci Jan 13 at 8:28

The bookdown.yml modifications to "language/language/label" should affect output to HTML such as gitbook. For example setting the following in bookdown.yml will give Danish labels:

book_filename: "mybook"
    chapter_name: "Kapitel "
    appendix_name: "Appendiks "
    fig: 'Figur '
    tab: 'Tabel '

For LaTeX output you should redefine the labels in the in_header file specified for your pdf output in the _output.yml file. For example, if your _output.yml file looks like this

  highlight: default
    in_header: latex/preamble.tex

then you can redefine the labels in the latex/preamble.tex file. Include the following line in that file to rename the figure labels.

  • 1
    Thank you very much, but unfortunately that's not a solution here. Like I have written, the problem is specifically that the translated label should go after the number in Hungarian! That's why language/ui/chapter_name is perfect (I can use !expr function(i) paste( i, ". fejezet")), but a simple renaming doesn't help. – Tamas Ferenci Jan 13 at 8:23
  • Ah yes. See what you mean. And inserting a function for fig doesn't work either as it did for the chapter name (and I'm sure you already tried that as well). probably need Yihui to weigh in – ekstroem Jan 13 at 20:24

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