If you run

git branch --list -vv

I get something like:

  foo-develop               8d5a0f30 [blazingdb/develop] [develop] unit test for bar_reader
* branch-0.5                81324bcb [joeuser/branch-0.5] Merge pull request #123 from somerepo/some-feature-branch-name

... with the current branch name highlighted in green and the remote branch names and origins, in the square brackets, are highlighted in blue. This is fine by me - almost. The blue color is rather dark and has poor contrast against my black terminal background. This, while my ls output is colorized with a softer shade of blue.

My questions:

  1. How do I change the colors git uses for this (and perhaps other) colorizations?
  2. Suppose that for ls the coloring diverges only slightly from the "harsher" defaults - so we get more pastel-like reds, greens, and blues. Is there a way to make git "use the color variants from LS" - dynamically or statically? (I have my LS_COLORS set somehow, so maybe through that).

Note: I've read that you can make configuration settings such as

git config --global color.diff.meta "white bold"

to set specific colors. So the answer to (1.) might be as simple as telling me which config settings correspond to branch listing colors.


An answer to Question (1.):

The relevant git configuration key is color.branch.upstream (not color.branch.remote nor color.decorate.branch etc.). By default, it is set to blue, which on your terminal apparently has unsatisfactory contrast with the background. Consider changing it to "blue bold":

git config --global color.branch.upstream "blue bold"

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