I am trying to embed LaTeX formulas inside Markdown cell in a locally running Gorilla worksheet. For example, the following Markdown text should render an inline formula and a standalone formula:

This is an inline formula, @@\sin(x)@@, and this is on its own line:
$$\int_0^{2\pi}\sin^2(x) \textrm{d}x$$

However, when I run Gorilla locally (using lein gorilla) what I see is the raw code. Markdown itself is rendered absolutely fine. On the other hand, when pushing the worksheet to GitHub and using an online viewer LaTeX formulas are rendered as expected.

Gorilla's documentation is saying the following, which I'm not sure I fully understand:

Note: currently you will need to be online in order for LaTeX to render properly.

What I thought is that it means that I have to have a network connection while trying to render LaTeX, but, if this is indeed the meaning, than I do not understand why it is not working. Another meaning I could think about is that currently LaTeX can only be rendered with the online viewer, but this interpretation dose not make much sense to me.

Any ideas? Thanks to any one pointing me to the right direction!

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