I compile my Unity iOS project into a Cocoa Touch Framework and run into the framework, but it crash in UnityInitApplicationNoGraphics(mainBundlePath). Any one can tell me what's with it😀

[application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:launchOptions]//in my dynamic Unity.framework
    0x10406c50c <+120>: bl     0x103f32650               ; ::AppendPathName() at PathNameUtility.cpp:50
    0x10406c510 <+124>: add    x0, sp, #0x38             ; =0x38 
    0x10406c514 <+128>: bl     0x10409b050               ; ::~StringStorageDefault() at StringStorageDefault.h:39
    0x10406c518 <+132>: add    x0, sp, #0x8              ; =0x8 
    0x10406c51c <+136>: sub    x1, x29, #0x58            ; =0x58 
    0x10406c520 <+140>: bl     0x104064c00               ; ::basic_string() at String.h:295
    0x10406c524 <+144>: adrp   x3, 12552
    0x10406c528 <+148>: add    x3, x3, #0xb58            ; =0xb58 
    0x10406c52c <+152>: add    x0, sp, #0x68             ; =0x68 
    0x10406c530 <+156>: add    x1, sp, #0x68             ; =0x68 
    0x10406c534 <+160>: orr    w2, wzr, #0x1
    0x10406c538 <+164>: bl     0x103e613b0               ; ::InitializeIl2CppFromMain() at MonoManager_Il2Cpp.cpp:205
->  0x10406c53c <+168>: tbz    w0, #0x0, 0x10406c648     ; <+436> at LibEntryPoint.mm:147
    0x10406c540 <+172>: adrp   x1, 12547
    0x10406c544 <+176>: add    x1, x1, #0xe6c            ; =0xe6c 
    0x10406c548 <+180>: adrp   x3, 10898
    0x10406c54c <+184>: add    x3, x3, #0x886            ; =0x886 
    0x10406c550 <+188>: orr    w0, wzr, #0x38
    0x10406c554 <+192>: orr    w2, wzr, #0x10
    0x10406c558 <+196>: mov    w4, #0x95
    0x10406c55c <+200>: bl     0x1039751bc               ; ::operator new() at MemoryManager.cpp:116
    0x10406c560 <+204>: mov    x19, x0
    0x10406c564 <+208>: adrp   x1, 10898
    0x10406c568 <+212>: add    x1, x1, #0x8de            ; =0x8de 
    0x10406c56c <+216>: mov    x0, x19
    0x10406c570 <+220>: bl     0x104065bb4               ; ::AssetCatalogFileSystemHandler() at AssetCatalogFileSystem.mm:106
    0x10406c574 <+224>: adrp   x21, 12752
    0x10406c578 <+228>: str    x19, [x21, #0x3e0]
    0x10406c57c <+232>: bl     0x103f6f2c0               ; ::GetFileSystem() at VirtualFileSystem.cpp:971

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