I am here to get some hints about the security implementation in my application.

My backend is a CRUD. To summarize, those CRUD endpoints are available for 2 kinds of Users (Admin & User). Admin has full access and User has access to his own resources only. (Each resources in MongoDB have the userId reference).

I tried to add @Query for each methods in each repository but it did not work :

@Query("{ 'id' : ?#{hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN') ? {} : principal?.id }}")
Page<User> findAllSecured(Pageable page);

In fact, I am not sure it can works (Because unable to request all objects) and if it would work I would want a more high level solution (Avoid repeating @Query for each methods..).

Do you have any ideas for a generic solution ?

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    I think "ACLs" are what you need. – xerx593 Jan 12 at 10:34

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