I'm trying to create a Suicide intention detection annotator for CoreNLP in Java. I tried customizing the sentiment Analysis annotator so that I will control which trees are labeled as Negative (that is, to edit the part that decides what tree is negative or positive), but I am having some trouble finding that class. either way, Is there a way to create a suicide detection annotator in CoreNLP using the sentiment analysis annotator. maybe I've missed something that allows me to configure the rules without customizing the annotator directly. TL;DR: which component attaches the sentiment score leaf to the tree in the Sentiment analysis annotator, and is it possible to edit it so that it will grade only certain trees as negatives?

Sorry for the vague description and the none technical language, I am new to CoreNLP and pretty new to NLP. Either way- thanks in advance.

  • question still stands guys.... – kutchinka Jan 13 at 10:08

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