I want to find the count of certain pattern in a text file which contains lot of mixed patterns also using linux shell command.

I have a text file which contains below patterns,





How to find exact count of only first pattern [--------------]?

Note: Don't include square bracket as a pattern. Only special character inside square bracket is a pattern.

  • For the above input text, what's your expected output? – najeem Jan 12 at 12:35
  • Can there be more than one pattern per line? What are the patterns separated by? Is the + literal, or does it represent something else? – Mark Setchell Jan 12 at 13:47
  • Please show a few representative lines of your actual data. And the expected result. – Mark Setchell Jan 12 at 13:52

cat ./file | sed -e 's/\]/\]\n/' |grep "\[--------------\]" -c

cat reads file
sed replace ] with ]\n
grep searches every line for your expression and prints the number of lines -c

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