I want to have a value (e.g. integer 17) associated with a button. When the button is clicked I want to retrieve that value. How do I do that?

I am reading this since button extends TextView. I've scanned the XML attributes but I cannot find anything. I was thinking about something like casting the View that I get in my activity method to a (Button) and then call something like

int my_database_int = button.getValue() 

I find it hard to believe that there is no such functionality?

  • I dont know why you want to get value from button only? Are you storing any value in button? – Pratik Butani Jan 12 at 10:56

There is a property for Button objects in which you can store almost anything,
and this is the tag:

int myvalue = 10;

and then get it like:

int my_database_int = Integer.parseInt(button.getTag().toString());

You can also define the tag's value in xml:

  • ahhh thank you so much, that is exactly what I meant!! and I know why I didn't find it: it's an xml attribute of the father class of textview (which is view). – Robert Jan 12 at 11:03
  • It's commonly used for cases like this. – forpas Jan 12 at 11:04

Try using the android:tag="value" attribute in your XML and use button.getTag() in your java class. The method returns a object you have to typecast to your desired format.


Try button.getId() in Java file. It will return integer unique id of button view

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