I want to create an installer like a Resharper or VisualStudio with few msi inside the bundle and with three buttons for each msi:

  • install/update
  • skip
  • remove

i'm using own UI and own BootstrapperApplication. i have two same bundles but different versions

  • bundle version 1 (v1)
    • mysql v1
    • notepad++ v1
  • bundle version 2 (v2)
    • mysql v2
    • notepad++ v2

1) i installed bundle version 1 - it is ok, now i have bundle, mysql, notepad++ are installed
2) then i run bundle version 2 and want to update only mysql and skip update notepad++ and here is the problem:

bundle v2 doing following:

  • update mysql to v2 - it's ok
  • calls bundle v1 with flags -uninstall -quiet and this bundle v1 removes notepad++ - it's not ok


  • is it possible to remove bundle and keep its msi as installed?
  • By design, bundles and MSIs have a many-to-many relationship. It is also anticipated that some MSIs won't have been installed only by bundles, making reference counting inaccurate. So, consider if MsiPackage/@Permanent applies to you scenario. – Tom Blodget Jan 13 at 17:38
  • Thanks for the answer. Yes i marked msi's as Permanent and uninstall it manually in my BootstrapperApplication – maratoss Jan 13 at 19:57

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