We're using geonames primarily and We'd like to get the geonameIds of the city that is returned by the user_tagged places response of facebook-graph-api. Any idea how to do that?

Geonames has cities api (http://www.geonames.org/export/JSON-webservices.html#citiesJSON), but it needs a region to search cities in. I have only lat & lng values of a certain point. I have tried to extend these lat & lng values to create a region, but geonames cities api returns the cities according to a logic they provide, for example capitals come first etc. In documentation they say:

// geonames documentation
cities api results are ordered by relevancy (capital/population). 
Placenames close together are filterered out and only the larger name is 
included in the resulting list.

So, that didn't work. Do you have any suggestions?

const getFacebookTaggedPlaces = async (user, dispatch) => {
  let providerId = user.additionalUserInfo.profile.id;
  let accessToken = user.credential.accessToken;
  let apicall = await fetch(
  return apicall.json();

The response example of graph request:

created_time: "2019-01-06T17:29:42+0000"
id: "103284597428186"
    id: "107070695995672"
        latitude: 40.758358162265
        longitude: -73.986325268733
name: "New York City Times Square"

This is the corresponding geonames response that we expect.

countrycode: "US"
fcl: "P"
fclName: "city, village,..."
fcode: "PPL"
fcodeName: "populated place"
geonameId: 5128581
lat: 40.7142691
lng: -74.0059729
name: "New York"
population: 8175133
toponymName: "New York City"
wikipedia: "en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City"

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